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  • How accurate is Dropsy?
    Dropsy is equipped with the latest prediction equations for reliable results. Every Dropsy interstitial peripheral edema analyzer uses patented equations researched and developed by experts to deliver accurate water composition measurements.
  • Can it show the location of the edema?
    Dropsy is not designed to monitor the exact location of edema but the overall health of the patient. The Dropsy technology provides more accurate information than ever before at an economical price.
  • Is it safe for the patient?
    Dropsy is 100% safe for the customer, using proven technology that is tested and approved as safe and effective. Currently we are applying for the MDL and MDEL licenses and certifying Dropsy with the FCC.
  • Will Dropsy alarm our ICU staff if an edema is increasing?
    Yes, Dropsy analyzes the patient's edema in real-time and the built-in notification system will notify the on-duty staff if the edema increases.
  • Can we use Dropsy to study historic readings and analyze trends?
    Our system saves all historic readings and you can access them to conduct trend analysis. Furthermore, we encourage this to determine treatment efficacy.
  • What happens if there is an internet outage?
    Dropsy's charging station is equipped with a GSM module that will ensure continued operation even in the event of an internet outage.
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